329Heavy Industries LLC

Who WE Are

329 Heavy Industries LLC is a U.S Based Delaware incorporated operating a Bottling and Canning plant in St Lucia WI. We use machine learning to improve the bottling of various beverages, including wines, spirits, and canned drinks. Additionally, we produce distilled alcohol, ready-to-drink cocktails, and ready-to-freeze beverages. Through the use of artificial intelligence, we aim to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products, ultimately providing consumers with better-tasting and more convenient beverage options.

About us

What we Do

329 Heavy Industries LLC will utilize AI to optimize operations by integrating ERP and CRM systems with sensors, reducing waste and increasing efficiency in the bottling and canning processes.

Where We Are Heading

329 Heavy Industries LLC aims to improve our bottling and canning processes in St Lucia and Martinique through the use of AI-powered ERP, CRM, and sensors. Our goal is to increase efficiency and reduce waste.


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533 Bagley Rd,
Southbury CT, 06488